Chris Weaver Web Development

Investing Into Global And Local Talent To Help Solve Problems

I enjoy working with others to help develop their skills and my own. In my free time, I enjoy mentoring others and helping to expand technology's reach in the community.

What Do I Offer?

I will mentor you in web development and help you reach a global market.

I will help you work through your startup idea and get it to a higher level.

I will work with you to build and develop your online presence and branding.

I will help restore your computer equipment and gadgets to working order.

My Story

I started building websites when I was 13 years old. These sites were not much to look at, but it taught me that it was not as hard as I thought to get started on the web.

As time went by, I started learning other skills and my abilities progressed. I really was not able to do much, but I continued to do research online, and read books whenever I got a chance. I started to learn HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP over the next few years. As I progressed further into web development, my sites started to get better and better.

Today I pride myself in what I know, and always push myself to learn new things. The best part of doing this is that you are never going to be the best, there is always something new to learn. I continue to help others learn what I have learned, and I also help bring tech minded people together so that we can better our communities.